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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea–the lowest spot on earth and a natural health spa

The Dead Sea, which is called the Salt Sea in the Bible, is a salt lake dividing southern Israel on the west from Jordan on the east. It is about 1400′ below sea level at the shore, and the lake is about 1000′ deep. With about 35 percent salinity (salt), it is also one of the world’s saltiest lakes. It is 10 times saltier than the oceans, which is why there is no fish or living animals in it, which is why they call it the “Dead Sea”. It is 31 miles long and 9 miles wide. It’s primary role in the Bible is to provide a natural barrier between Israel and its enemies. It is formed by the Jordan Rift which is a fault line in the earths crust. The main source of water that flows into it is the Jordan River on the north side. The surrounding terrain provides very little water since the average rainfall is about 2 inches. Since it is the lowest point of dry land on earth, no water drains out of it, and the waters of the Jordan River never make it out to the oceans like all the other major rivers in the world. Nevertheless, 7 million tons of water evaporates daily, but the minerals and salt remain. This is why the salt content is so high, and increasing. Many important minerals are mined out of the Dead Sea, but the most significant is potash which is used to make fertilizer. The water level has been decreasing steadily for 50 years since the amount of water diverted out of the Jordan River continues to increase.

Interesting Unique Facts about the Dead Sea

1. The high mineral and salt content make it impossible for fish or plants to live.

2. Cleopatra loved the Dead Sea so much she built cosmetic factories and resorts there.

3. The Egyptians used the mud in the Dead Sea, which has a high asphalt content, in their mummification of the deceased.

4. The Dead Sea is filled with calcium, iodine, saline, potassium, and bromide.

5. You can lay on the surface of the water like a cork. The high salt content makes you buoyant.

6. The unique mineral content in the Dead Sea successfully treats most skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, hives, dry skin, dandruff, and others.

A Natural Health Spa
The Dead Sea is a major center for health research and therapies. The mineral content of the water, the very low content of pollens and allergens in the air, and the higher atmospheric pressure have excellent health benefits. Many people successfully treat respiratory problems when they go there.

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About the Author: Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor grew up in Dallas, Texas, graduated from the University of Texas Business School and went into the commercial real estate business for about twenty years before enrolling in and graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary with honors.

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