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Angels   The existence of angels in the Bible cannot be disputed. They are mentioned throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They are prominent

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CHANGE   Someone once said, “There is nothing permanent in life but change, but the only one who likes change is a wet baby”. Two

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ARMAGEDDON   Everybody thinks they know what Armageddon is—even Webster’s Dictionary, but I’m finding very few people even have a clue. Amazingly, it is a

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Revelation 14-16, This is the End

                                              Revelation 14-16, This is the End   Rev.14:1-5  The Lamb of God (Jesus) returning to the Mt. of Olives—Acts 1:10-12, Zechariah 14:4 144,000 evangelists from

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Revelation 14

Revelation 14–Overcoming the World In Revelation 11:15, the 7th trumpet sounded signaling the last series of judgments poured out on the world (details of the

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