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Genesis 1:1-2

In the Beginning I just got through reading an interesting article by respected evangelical theologian R.C. Sproul about how he changed his mind about the

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Genesis 13-the Choice

                                      Genesis 13—the Choice    Abram had a lapse in faith in Genesis 12:10, and went to Egypt to escape the famine. While he was there

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Genesis 21-22, the Child of Promise

                                    Genesis 21-22, the Child of Promise by Charlie Taylor   In Paul’s treatment of the Isaac- Ishmael story and conflict in Galatians 4:21-31, he calls

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Genesis 28—The Stairway to Heaven

                                     Genesis 28—The Stairway to Heaven   After reading about Isaac’s dysfunctional family in Genesis 27, we wonder how that family could be the one in

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Genesis 34—Bethel or Shechem ?

                                    Genesis 34—Bethel or Shechem ?   In Genesis 33, we read of the historic restoration of Jacob and his brother Esau. Twenty years before Jacob

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