November 10, 2021

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Angels   The existence of angels in the Bible cannot be disputed. They are mentioned throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They are prominent

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Romans 9-Synopsis

Romans 9—Israel’s Unbelief, It is not as Though the Word of God has Failed   Introduction: Romans 1:18-21 is clear on the responsibility of mankind

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Romans 9

Romans 9:6, “It is not as though God’s Word has failed”   Romans 8:31-39 is an awesome assurance and celebration of God’s faithfulness in saving

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Romans 2

Romans 2:25-False Security of Ritual   In Romans 2, Paul presented the principle that the human race typically puts confidence for their salvation in four

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Be Like Mike—Rom.10:1-3

                                                  Be Like Mike—Rom.10:1-3   An advertiser made the slogan “Be like Mike” famous and sold a lot of product off the endorsements of Michael Jordan.

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