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Spring 2011 Monday Bible Study: The Book of Acts

The Acts of the Apostles Lesson Plan

The Book of Acts is the continuation of the ministry of the risen Christ through His disciples on earth. Jesus had given them their “Great Commission”, and Acts gives us the history of how that great commission was carried out. Acts begins with the ascension of Christ to heaven which marked the beginning of the church in Jerusalem through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We will see the mission of the Apostles, and hear their message of salvation. The progress of the Gospel was accompanied by great opposition as the Gentiles were included into the people of God. The Book of Acts tells the exciting story of Christianity’s spread throughout the Middle East into Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece until the arrival of Paul as a prisoner in Rome. Thus it could be called, “From Jerusalem to Rome”.

We will study Acts in eight lessons arranged as follows:

1. Acts 1—the resurrection of Christ, the 40 days of appearing to the disciples, the great commission, and the ascension of Christ.

Lesson 1: Spring_11_Lesson_1

Podcast Lesson 1: 

2. Acts 2—the coming of the Holy Spirit, the birth of the Church, Peter’s great sermon at the southern steps of the Temple, and 3000 believe.

Lesson 2: Spring_11_Lesson_2Acts_2-The_Birth_of_the_Church

Podcast Lesson 2: 

 Acts 3-7—the explosion of the church in Jerusalem leads to arrests and persecution, Peter and John twice arrested and speak to the Sanhedrin, Stephen becomes the first martyr.

Lesson 3:  Spring_11_Lesson_3Acts_3-the_Unexpected_Miracle

Podcast Lesson 3: 

4. Acts 8-9— persecution increases, scattering of disciples, preaching in Judea and Samaria, and the conversion of Saul.

Lesson 4:  Spring_11_Lesson_4Acts_8-God’s_Chosen_Intrument

Podcast Lesson 4: 

5. Acts 10-12—the completion of the great commission to “the remotest parts”, Peter’s dream and the conversion of Cornelius, the church at Antioch.

Lesson 5:  Spring_11_Lesson_5Acts_10-To_the_Ends_of_the_Earth

Podcast Lesson 5: 

6. Acts 13-15—the first missionary journey of Paul and the council at Jerusalem.

Lesson 6:  Spring_11_Lesson_6-Acts_14-Seven_Qualities_for_Effective_Ministry

Podcast Lesson 6: 

7. Acts 15-18—the second missionary journey of Paul.

Lesson 7:  Spring_11_Lesson_7Acts_16-17

Podcast Lesson 7: 

8. Acts 18-28—Paul’s third missionary journey, Ephesus, the offering for Jerusalem, arrest of Paul, house arrest in Rome.

Lesson 8:  Spring_11_Lesson_8Acts_19–Wild_Times_at_Ephesus

Podcast Lesson 8: 

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About the Author: Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor grew up in Dallas, Texas, graduated from the University of Texas Business School and went into the commercial real estate business for about twenty years before enrolling in and graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary with honors.

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